Rainbow TraysTM Products

Routine Main Tray - RT101M
Available in box containing 100 x insert trays and 1 x Main Base tray
Emergency Tray - RT101E
Available in box containing 100 x insert trays and 1 x Emergency Base tray
Tamper Evident Tray - TE402LE
Available in box containing 40 x tamper evident insert trays, 40 x tamper evident labels and 1 x Emergency Base tray
Local Anesthetic Tray - RT101L
Available in box containing 100 x insert trays and 1 x Local Base tray


Please click on the images below to download the literature, brochures and working instructions for Rainbow TraysTM products
rainbow trays brochure
rainbow tray user instructions
Rainbow Trays Tamper Evident Brochure
Rainbow Trays Tamper Evident User Instructions
Rainbow Trays

Rainbow Trays Brochure

Rainbow Trays User Instructions

Rainbow Trays Tamper Evident Brochure

Rainbow Trays Tamper Evident User Instructions

Rainbow Trays


How long will the base trays last?

The Rainbow TraysTM base trays are designed and assured to last a minimum of 100 times. This is why there is always a new tray included with every box.

How do I clean Rainbow TraysTM between procedures?

Rainbow Trays base trays are easily cleaned between procedures by wiping with a bio-wipe or where necessary they can be sterilised with ethylene oxide.  The insert trays are single use.

Can I use the base trays without the insert trays?

The base trays are not suitable for use without the clean insert trays as they do not have the compartmentalised sections for each colour and drug type.

What are the Rainbow TraysTM made from?

Rainbow TraysTM are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET as it is more commonly known. This material is bacteriostatic meaning it will not harbour bacterial growth. Rainbow Trays are 100% recyclable.

What approvals and accreditations does Rainbow TraysTM have?

Rainbow TraysTM are CE marked and FDA registered and are manufactured in factories with the following accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & BRC IoP. Rainbow Trays and Tamper Evident Rainbow Trays are all patent protected

Where can I get the Rainbow TraysTM from?

Rainbow TraysTM are available from our appointed partners worldwide.

Anything else?

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Supporting Information, Reports and Data

Please click here for links to supporting academic papers, evaluation data and studies relating to Rainbow Trays

About Rainbow Trays

  1. Developed and Manufactured in UK
    Rainbow Trays are manufactured in the UK to the highest specification. Using quality materials and innovative techniques to create a world class product that can be delivered nationally and internationally with minimum lead times.
  2. Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
    Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET is a completely inert material and highly resistant to bacterial growth making this an ideal substrate for the Rainbow Trays. Both the insert trays and the base trays will provide the best protection for infection control.
  3. Developed by Anaesthetists for Anaesthetists
    Designed and developed by anaesthetists, pharmacists and healthcare workers to provide a safe and universally understood system for storing syringes and ampoules prior to administration in theatre. The aim is to reduce the misadministration of anaesthetic drugs and improve patient safety.
  4. Designed to fit with normal working practices
    The Rainbow Trays will easily integrate into normal working practices that will often include spacial segregation of local and emergency drugs. This means that anaesthetists can adopt the system without changing their own routines.
  5. Accreditations
    Supporting the internationally recognised AAGBI & RCoA critical care labelling system, Rainbow Trays are manufactured to BRC, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards. They are CE marked, FDA registered, MHRA registered and protected by international patents. GS1 barcoding is used for all products in our range making them compliant with global healthcare requirements.
  6. Ideal Training aid
    Because the Rainbow Trays use established colour coding for critical care, the trays are an ideal partner for training new anaesthetists to adopt best practice. The logical progression created helps to ensure the correct drugs are chosen and highlights where coloured labels do not match the colour section
  7. Recyclable
    Rainbow Trays are manufactured using Polyethlene Terephthalate (PET) which is 100% recyclable. Also Rainbow Trays are made using recycled PET at a minimum of 80% content making them environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced
  8. Patient Safety
    Rainbow Trays have been developed to reduce anaesthetic medication errors and adverse drug events by providing safe and standardised storage of anaesthetic drugs to deliver improved patient safety wherever anaesthesia is delivered