tamper evident rainbow trays

Tamper Evident Rainbow TraysTM

The Tamper Evident Rainbow TrayTM provides secure and auditable storage for all Controlled Drugs whilst in transit between secure locations.

As part of the Rainbow TrayTM system the Tamper Evident tray delivers the same organisational benefits as the Rainbow TraysTM in addition to providing a robust tamper evident sealed unit that encapsulates the Chain-of-Custody information required by Accountable Officers for Controlled Substances

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Tamper evident rainbow trays
Chain-of-custody, diversion, Tamper Evident
Tamper Evident Rainbow TraysTM are the natural extention of the Rainbow TrayTM system to provide secure and safe storage of anaesthetic drugs prior to administration whilst supporting the critical care colour labelling system.
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Use the secure Tamper Evident tray either with the emergency colour base tray or the generic grey tray or customise it to accomodate the drugs selection as required.
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Controlled Drugs Regulations and Recommendations
For the secure storage and transportation of controlled Drugs Tamper Evident Rainbow TraysTM are compliant with:

Introducing our Unique Tamper Proof Auditable Label

  • Tamper Proof encapsulated text area
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Security cuts for evidence of tamper attempts

  • Chain of Custody from Pharmacy to Patient
  • Accountable officers can be compliant

  • Ampoules, syringes, general medicines
  • Critical care, Obstetrics, Trauma
  • Pharmacy, Anaesthesia, in-transit

  • Immediate identification of contents
  • Quick release perforation to open